AROTEC services include also design , develop and production of THICK FILM HYBRID  MODULES.

the MODULES  are designed in AROTEC , in accordance with the electronic design

of the customer , and assembled in AROTEC

The module is built on ceramic substrate , with gold or silver conductor , and inherent resistors ,printed  on the substrate  , and designed to the exact value of the electronic need , ,   and protected with glass overglaze

the components is add on in two technologies

 * chip and wire bonding  ( very expensive , for very high rel only )

*  add on in SMT TECHNOLOGY ( suited for most projects )

These units  gives answer to projects that needs

high power units  ( power intensity  –   50-watt per inch )

high voltage  units  ( 50000 volts )

very high reliability products  ( for space  , oil wells )

very small units  ( earing aids , interplant medical device  )

harsh environment (nautical devices , space )


SMALL SIZE : decrease size   5 to 20 time from standard SMT units

RESISTORS : enable to design the exact value of the resistor needed (not standard value )

CERAMIC SUBSTARTE : can dissipate very high power  –   50 to 100 watt/inch

and high voltage  (more then 1000v/mm  )

RELIEBILITY : high reliability , due to the fact that there is no soldering to the resistors

PRICE : it is more expensive than standard PCB unit , but much less than building a integrated ASIC

and also give answer to units that uses mixed technologies

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