Circuit Boards Design and procurement

You know to set production requirements, but can not find a company that will guarantee you PCB’s quality? Contact AROTEC, and enjoy advanced electronic solutions including editing and manufacturing of printed circuits of various types.

Printed circuit board manufacturing process

A printed ciruict board is a major part of the electronic product. AROTEC work with certified manufacturers to ensure that our customers, both large and small, will receive the highest quality of PCBs in attractive prices and on a shortest schedule.

In a similar way, AROTEC has chosen a highly reliable supplier to print on ceramic substrates for high-power or high-voltage circuits such as power supplies or circuits working in extream environmental conditions.

In order to provide our customers with optimal solutions for printed circuit boards, its manufacturing is carried out according to the customer Gerber files and with exact a match to the customer’s production specifications. PCBs are manufactured from a variety of high quality materials for prototypes or for mass production and undergo strict quality control prior to assembly.

The production of the PCBs is combined with the preparation of the solder print stencils to bring to a full PCB matching, which is crusial for the later assembly and soldering process.

AROTEC is unique in its personaly customized service that each customer receives, while providing extensive assistance on any technological subject and personal attention, even if you are a small customer, a start-up entrepreneur or anyone in need of help in the field.

Printed circuit boards also in small quantities

Companies devote a significant portion of their time to improving existing products and developing new ones, therefore in nned to produce in very small prototye and pre production batches.

However, many manufacturers in the field of electronic asssembly give low priority to orders on a small or even medium scale.

In order to meet the need of the market we at AROTEC also receive small-scale production orders according to the demands and orders of our customers and their consumers.

Printed circuits with leading standards

The production processes of the printed boards meet all the most strict standards, including the ISO 9001 (2015) standard for the development and production of electronic products, the RoHS material standard and others.

Moreover, our company has been constantly striving to improve the quality of the products and services it provides. This is achieved through the development of special procedures, the use of the most advanced technology and strict adherence to uncompromising production procedures, with an emphasis on shortening production processes to give the customer a significant advantage in the market.