LED technology

LED is an electronic component that emits light when connected to DC – secondary emission.

In LED lighting, unlike incandescent bulbs, there is no heat conversion to light or any photochemical process. In converting the electronic energy into light, a very small amount of heat is emitted (there is almost no warming of the lighting fixture), which makes these bulbs very safe

Advantages of working with LED technology:

  • Extremely low power consumption – energy saving
  • Working with low voltage, which allows the use of small batteries
  • Extremely long life – almost no maintenance
  • LED lights in a variety of colors, strengths and suppliers

These features enable product development and realization of many lighting ideas.

AROTEC has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing products that include LEDs for unique systems and applications that require LED technologies in robotics, agriculture, IOT and other fields.

AROTEC provides support for planning the required levels of lighting and tailoring solutions for different environmental conditions and local needs in terms of power systems, material dispersion and control of lighting levels, energy efficiency and special requirements.

Possible applications for LED technology:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting for homes, for design and cost savings purposes
  • Internal and external car lighting
  • Street light
  • Lighting industrial plants and warehouses
  • Illuminated panels with operating systems for electronic equipment
  • Lighting of electrical appliances
  • Various information and advertising signs
  • LED underwater lighting
  • Toys, flashlights and even jewelry
  • Sophisticated uses of medicine and paramedical equipment
  • Military uses