Power Systems

A power system is an electronic device that operates in high currents and voltages. AROTEC has a significant experience and knowledge in designing and producing such systems with the highest quality, according to the special functional parameters required.

Why is AROTEC suitable for the production of your power systems?

Power systems are designed for various industrial sectors. AROTEC specializes in manufacturing these systems for the commercial, military and medical industries, according to strict international standards.

In working with AROTEC, you will enjoy the best service from the first moment with high reliability and the professionals that will bring you the results you need for you power and high voltage systems.

AROTEC has the know-how, experience and ability to manufacture power and high-voltage circuits and resistors using HYBRID technologies with a very high voltage of up to 50,000 volts.

Power Systems

Power systems are energy monitoring systems operating with high current and high voltage up to 50,000 volts. These systems are used by various fields, from commercial, medical and military industries and up to municipal and public facilities