AROTEC provides a wide range of operational services for many industrial fields


In order to produce electronic products, it is very important to first build a prototype, according to which, all other products will be produced. AROTEC has the expertize to build an accurate prototype for your product, and since all production processes have already been built, it will be easy to switch to mass production without the need to re-define the processes, thus saving unnecessary expenses.

Assembling electronic circuits

AROTEC provides services for assembling electronic circuits according to existing product specifications for a wide range of needs. AROTEC has automatic assembly lines with the technological capability to assemble very large components or very small (up to 0402) and special components such as BGA as needed. AROTEC has also an automatic optical Inspection (AOI) system in order to provide the customer with high quality products.


Customized EMS (electronic manufacturing system) including all the required services: professional planning of the electronic products, purchase of the PCBs and components, production and assembly of the circuit boards and integrating them into a complete product according to the specifications and finally supply the products to the end customer.

Integration and Packaging

Build a fitted solution to the electronic packaging for different electronics products needs. Use of high-quality, durable materials that provide every product with excellent protection over time. AROTEC’s team of experts can provide each customer a complete integrated solution, including functional and packaging tests, up to delivery the end customer.

Technical support

Technological support from the initiation and development stage up to the release for production, according to LEAN Management principles.

PCBs production

AROTEC specializes in the production of flexible or rigid PCBs – in exact accordance with the customer’s needs.

All of AROTEC’s services are provided by a team of experienced and professional experts, who are entrusted with the execution of the work according to the exact needs of the customer and the provision of professional solutions during and after the work.