AROTEC main production is based on SURFACE MOUNT TECHNOLOGY  (SMT )

The production  is done in automatic  assembly lines  with the capability of more than  

3 millions components per month  ,with components as small  as 0.5mm x1 mm

up to large BGA  and connectors ,

with the addition of manual  assembly  of special add on components


The technology is based on assembling special packaged components, on  the surface of a printed  board  that has pads ,  on which the components is soldered

( and not through holes ,as in the old technologies )

This method enable to  assemble very small components in very high density ,

and to make the product very small

this method enable to  assemble components in both sides of the board  , and

enlarge the components density much more .

in addition , this process can be done, automatically , in very high speed

 enable the unit to be cheaper , and the production is much faster,

This technology boost the electronic industry to high level of sophistication and ability

in low prices

This technology needs much knowledge  in the physics   and chemistry  of the materials  

and the process  behavior,

AROTEC has this knowledge ,  after more  then 30 year of experience  , producing millions of units

and can give you  the best product that you need

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