Domestic LED solutions

The home atmosphere is largely influenced by its lighting. It is important to plan the type of lighting and the location of the illumination according to the nature of the space in which it is installed, the atmosphere you want to create and the role of lighting in the room. For example, the living room is one of the most important parts of every home. The living room area is used for social and family gatherings and serves as a showcase for the home and the family. Taking all of these aspects under consideration during the planning and design of the home interior, could significantly improve the family life. You can illuminate different parts of the room according to the different functionalities. You can install a hidden line of small lights that illuminate the floor or certain areas inside the walls to create a unique effect.

Designing the illumination features

In order to get the most out of LED illumination, it is important to work with experts in the field who will be able to present all the options available to you. AROTEC offers professional and efficient home LED illumination, consult and supply of all the necessary lighting fixtures.

  • Matching characteristics – Each living room has its own unique structure and characteristics to consider when designing LED lighting fixtures. It is recommended to consider the amount of natural light in the space while paying attention to darker areas, what hours and parts of the room will be required artificial lighting, take into account ceiling height as well as niches and corners that want to highlight and the color of the walls. Of course, consideration must also be given to existing electrical infrastructures.
  • Adjustment to the residents’ needs – Lighting fixtures should be designed according to the needs of space usage such as television viewing, reading, computer work, sleeping and hosting. In addition, it is necessary to examine not only practical but also aesthetic aspects in order to create a desirable, unique, inviting and pleasant atmosphere in the space.
  • Cost – It is important to decide what budget you are planning to dedicate to the illumination features and plan accordingly. It is especially critical when the illumination redesign is part of a larger renovation project. when calculating the expected costs, it is also recommended to take under consideration the installation, maintenance and electricity costs.
  • Choose your style – there are many types of residential LED illumination options. Some of the options are hidden lighting, ceiling lighting, hanging or sunken lighting fixtures, wall lighting and the list goes on.