Electronic systems development

What are electronic systems?

Electronic systems are mechanical units and electronic units combined into one complete unit, which fulfills certain functions and meets different requirements of the customer.

An electronic unit is called an electronic circuit or assembly and electronic products can include several circuits.

These assemblies can be used in a wide variety of products such as pacemakers, smartphones, computers, cars, industrial control systems, hearing aids, toys or television. The integration of an electronic circuit together with mechanical parts creates the final product for the customer.

Development of electronic systems

The global markets encourages entrepreneurs to introduce new products into the world to supply solutions for various needs. Because of the many challenges incorporated in issuing a new product into the market (technological and financial), it is not easy the bring the idea into practice even if the idea is good and has potential.

The problem facing these young entrepreneurs or even small electronics companies is to turn their idea from the theoretical stage to a real quality product that is attractive to the customer at a competitive cost.

In order to turn an idea into a product, it is necessary to start with functional design, electronic and design and to build prototypes for testing the feasibility of the product.

The construction of a prototype requires extensive knowledge and the use of expensive materials and equipment that are not necessarily accessible to those entrepreneurs. One of their options is to approach an established and well-established electronics company that has the experience in developing and building such products.
AROTEC specializes in the development and manufacture of prototypes: designing and assembling the product according to the plans (the technical and technological aspects of prototyping) and supporting the mechanical design of the product and its adaptation to the electronic functionality. During this process, the entrepreneur sits with the AROTEC team and together they design and develop the new product.

Electronic products

Our company manufactures a wide variety of electronic products for various needs and uses:

  • Audio applications
  • Car accessory systems
  • Medical electronic devices
  • IOT sensor devices
  • Power Systems
  • LED based technology solutions