Why Arotec?


  • You develop according to the principles of LEAN STARTUP you develop and improve your products all the time and you are looking for a solution for manufacturing multiple prototypes in short schedules with frequent changes.
  • Your product is in its initial stages and you just start to produce your first batches. You do not know when you will start mass production and need support in building prototypes and pre production batches.
  • Your product technology is unique and requires non-standard solutions – using HYBRID technologies with high power density, very small PCBs or flexible PCBs. Your product requires special materials solutions using ceramic materials or metal alloys
  • You need technical guidance and advice for planning and developing your idea – the big companies have no time for you and you do not have a budget for the production costs they require.


  • Your product is for a small market – you have orders in small and medium quantities that receive low production priority on the schedule of large subcontractors
  • Your product is old but still sold and you can not predict the quantities required for them. You do not want to have long-term inventories but still want to provide a quick response to customers
  • Manufacturing and operational management is not your area of ​​expertise – you have come to the conclusion that it is not profitable for you to operate your own production line at the moment
  • Want to get production services JUST IN TIME Your marketing is designed to sell in small batches -producing small quantities according to actual demand instead of holding inventory that could expire or would not fit the new changes required in the product.
  • The Big subcontractors are not suitable for small and medium-sized businesses – they impose “fines” on small orders: long production times, slow response, large minimum orders and high prices for small quantities.
  • Your products and customers are dynamic – R&D needs to change and improve your product often, so you can not afford to order large quantities.
  • The integration of the electronic assembly into the final product is complex and expensive – you want one place that you can trust to carry out production from beginning to end without unnecessary transport and minimum logistics.
  • Your market is changing rapidly – you need to produce according to the actual orders of customers MAKE TO ORDER, because you cannot build long-term forecast.

As our customer, you can contact us with any questions and receive help and advice as part of the service.