LED technology in products

LED technologies can be used not only for illumination functions, but as part of a product or system.

In systems requiring signaling or marking of a system status, in control system and any device in need of visual communication with the user, a lighting element is required.

The use of LED technology in the electronics industry is wide and varied. SMT LED components are easy and simple to install in an electronic circuit. You can add different and special applications according to the system functionality requirements with low power consumption and low component and assembly costs.

LED technologies are also used today in electro-optical sensor applications in which the light beam work as a motion recognition, interference or measurement mechanism.

AROTEC has extensive know-how and experience in integrating LED technologies for various special needs in military, industrial and commercial applications for small consumer products and large systems.

Examples of LED technologies:

  • An elevator buttons system with dual lighting mechanism that enable to change the work mode by pushing the buttons – the first light mode is a standard light and in the second mode is a stronger light.
  • Design and manufacture of complex LED integrated systems for the robotics and control industries, including high temperature dissipation mechanisms and monitoring systems
  • Design and manufacture of integrated LED products for extreme environmental conditions, using aluminum and copper boards flexible PCB and non-standard shape PCBs.