LED solutions for special applications

Using LED lighting to illuminate industrial, office and private spaces is commonly used today. At has also become very poplar to use it, to illuminate gardens and streets.

LED illumination can also be used in unique surroundings such as under water inside aquariums, in decorative ponds and in swimming pools

Illumination for fish aquariums must be carefully chosen, since it influences the vegetation and the life in the aquarium. If until today you would have chosen for such use small fluorescent bulbs in different sizes, shapes and colors or incandescent bulbs to imitate daylight, today most people would choose LED solution. The reasons for this selection are:

  • Start time – LED lights up immediately, as opposed to other types of bulbs that are lit within half a second to five to six minutes.
  • Durability – If mercury, metal and fluorescent lamps last between 6,000-8,000 hours, LED aquarium lighting will last 50,000 hours or more. This allows considerable savings and makes it easier to maintain the aquarium.
  • Low voltage work suitable for under water environment

These are just some of the advantages of under water LED illumination compared to other illumination solutions. It is important to take under consideration the size and requirements of the illuminated facility and to design a framework that will give it sufficient light, including the appropriate control system to manage it.

At AROTEC we will be happy to help you plan your illumination system for your aquarium and swimming pool, according to your needs and requirements and implement the appropriate LED lighting system and features.