Development, design and manufacture of prototypes

If you have an idea for a product or a partial design, in AROTEC you can receive full development services including layout design, mechanical design and prototyping.

Electronic products Prototyping

AROTEC, as a leading electronic solutions company, provides its customers with a comprehensive range of professional services including, among others, prototype design for electronic products. Planning is an essential part of the overall solution required to develop and introduce a new product into the market. At AROTEC you will receive personalized service and response to all your engineering and operational needs at attractive prices. As a customer, you will receive full technological support and consultation at no cost to help improve your development and production.

The need for prototype design

The design of a prototype is an important and essential stage in the production process of a new product, through which the efficiency and feasibility of the process is examined in order to work the way to an optimal final product. For this purpose, our company provides its clients with a team of top-level experts responsible for planning and building a perfect prototype that meets your customer’s needs. Later, because we have already designed and built production processes, the transition to mass production will be fast, easy and economical.

Professional and reliable planning process

Our company has the manpower, means, materials, tools and equipment required to design and build electronics products in a reliable process that takes place in full transparency to the customer. The process begins with the customer’s brainstorming with our design team. after the preliminary design is complete a prototype is built. The customer test the prototype to ensure it meets his requirements and make changes as needed. When the final version of the prototype meets the requirements, a new product introduction process can start in order to start mass production.

From prototype to mass production

Since AROTEC is also a manufacturing facility, we use DFM (design for manufacturability) methods, in order to create both the product and its production process, thus make the move to production quick and effective. In this way we also save cost in the new product introduction phase and optimize the production costs and product and process quality.