About us

About us
AROTEC was founded in 1988
AROTEC specializes in advanced electronic technologies, mainly in SMT and HYBRID

AROTEC supply solutions for the telecom, medical, military, agricultural and scientific industries, with a years long expertise in developing and manufacturing of electronic products.
In addition, AROTEC has a unique expertise in design and manufacture of high power products, flexible and complex PCBs and other special applications
AROTEC has for many years been engaged in outsourcing and subcontracting and in assisting in the development of new products for companies and entrepreneurs, as well as developing its own product lines, which are marketed to electronics companies and other customers in Israel and abroad.
The company provides turnkey solutions at an international level and provides a complete solution for the acquisition, development, engineering, design, prototyping, assembly and manufacturing in small, medium and large quantities in a wide range of fields.