About us

About us
AROTEC was founded in 1988
AROTEC specializes in advanced electronic technologies, mainly in SMT and HYBRID

AROTEC supply solutions for the telecom, medical, military, agricultural and scientific industries, with a years long expertise in developing and manufacturing of electronic products.
In addition, AROTEC has a unique expertise in design and manufacture of high power products, flexible and complex PCBs and other special applications
AROTEC has for many years been engaged in outsourcing and subcontracting and in assisting in the development of new products for companies and entrepreneurs, as well as developing its own product lines, which are marketed to electronics companies and other customers in Israel and abroad.
The company provides turnkey solutions at an international level and provides a complete solution for the acquisition, development, engineering, design, prototyping, assembly and manufacturing in small, medium and large quantities in a wide range of fields.

Lean Management Methodology

The company uses the Lean management methodology in order to optimize the added value to the customers and to improce the flow of information between the company and its customers.


Our activities as a dynamic electronics company allow for great flexibility while improving accuracy, service, and lead times.  Alongside these, we continue to offer our customers competitive prices, while maintaining personal and professional communication with each and every one of them.



International Quality Standards

Arotec is a proud Israeli company standing at the front of technological innovation. Most of arotec’s production activies take place at Arotec’s production site in Israel.

Arotec has been successfully keeping for over 30 years the highest standards in terms of quality and accuracy of production and services.

An integral part of the company’s policy is the compliance with civil and military quality and reliability standards. These are the main quality standards that the company meets:

* Certification to the aerospace standard AS9100 RevD
* Certification to ISO 9001, 2015 edition and its annexes
* Design and manufacture of military products – according to MIL STD for military products
* Arotec employees are certified to work according to IPC610 and IPC620 standards
* Arotec is an approved supplier of the Ministry of Defense (supplier number 11021966) and an approved supplier of Elbit and other companies from the defense industries.