Culture and values

AROTEC believes in providing optimal service and response to all the planning and operational needs of its customers, with the highest quality and by promoting advanced technologies in the Israeli industry

Company values

AROTEC is committed to excellence, service, honesty and creativity in its internal activities and with its suppliers and customers.

Excellence: AROTEC maintains the highest quality to meet all the customer’s requirements, while maintaining strict standards and continuous improvement processes.

Service: AROTEC advocates a courteous and customized service, providing quick response and maximum availability and flexibility for any need of the customer.

Integrity: AROTEC sees honesty, integrity and fairness as eminent values, both in the organization and in communication with customers and suppliers. We believe it as the right and responsible way of doing business in a way to promote success and customer satisfaction

Creativity:  AROTEC employees specialize in providing solutions to any technological or operational challenge, through creative and out of the box thinking to meet our customers’ needs. AROTEC believes in constant learning to deal with challenges in order to continue to lead in technological innovation and to advance the industry in Israel.