Electronic assembly

Looking for advanced electronic assembly technologies?
You have reached the right place: Contact AROTEC’s professionals and enjoy a variety of advanced solutions.

Assembling SMT circuits

AROTEC has a complete SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly system. The using SM technologies, simplifies and shorten the assembly process and enable to create a smaller product with extensive capabilities. The reflow soldering process in a precise temperature profile according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ensures the quality of the product.
AROTEC’s advanced management systems control the process according to the customer’s specifications, to receive a quality product, at attractive delivery times.
AROTEC offers uncompromising reliability: The company’s experts produce and develop products for various industries.
All of AROTEC’s professionals are fully committed to the military, industrial and civilian reliability standards, according to the customer needs.

AROTEC is constantly working to improve and upgrade its services to meet the market changing needs and be up-to-date with the progress in technology.

Assemble according to ROHS standard

AROTEC processes have been adapted to the RoHS standard and the materials in use are all approved by international standards associations.

When producing ROHS compliant electronic assemblies the production process is fitted to the ROHS approved materials being used, such as the soldering profile, the cleaning methods etc..

AROTEC has developed procedures and unique assembly equipment fully compatible with the PCB and product configuration, in order to provide you with the highest quality of product in the shortest lead time and at a very attractive price.