HYBRID design and production

There are different technologies on the market to create electronic boards, each method has its own features and properties.

Choosing the right technology for your product, depend on its functional, technical and environmental requirements and constraints.

One of these technologies is the HYBRID technology in which the electronic circuit is printed on a ceramic substrate using “thin layers” or “thick layers” technique.

When using the polymer based board for PCB manufacturing, it can include in the printed surface, a basic level of conductors. When building a HYBRID module, it can include conductors and resistors as part of the printed surface and by that saving the need to assemble the components on the board.

It is common to refer to this technology as an intermediate stage between printed circuit boards and the integral components called the INTEGRATED CIRCUIT (IC).

Because of this, the HYBRID circuit is also known as a “hybrid module” and have it packaged in a suitable box of metal, plastic or cast, as a superconductor.

Advantages of HYBRID technology

The unique structure of the HYBRID module is considered very reliable and therefore required in various advanced systems such as: airborne systems, military equipment, pacemakers, wind power stations and solar systems, motor vehicles and mechanical equipment required for high durability in hard environmental conditions.
The advantages of this structure include,come from the following parameters:
• Dimensions – Hybrids are 5 to 20 times smaller than printed circuit boards
• Unique adaptation – enables specific design of resistors and capacitors in non-standard values
• Ceramic platform –
o Excellent heat conductivity, enabling the construction of optimal power resistor modules.
o Provides great electrical insulation, ideal for high voltage circuits such as microwave ovens or radar systems.
o Provides great electrical insulation, ideal for high voltage circuits such as microwave ovens or radar systems.

AROTEC hybrid design and procurment services

AROTEC provides planning, editing, purchasing and assembling services in the various technologies, including HYBRID technology, to different types of industries such as: technological companies, military industries, communications companies and pharmaceutical companies.

It is important to understand that designing and manufacturing modules in HYBRID technology is different than what is required for printed circuit boards, and for this, special knowledge is required in which AROTEC specializes

AROTEC has years long experience and knowledge of designing and manufacturing these modules according to the specific requirements of each product