LED Illumination BASICS

Our broad knowledge of LED technology is at your disposal based on numerous projects in different environments   such as hospitals, hotels , warehouses , street lights, pools, private houses ,  etc.

The LED illumination has many advantages , and spread all over the world very quickly

But since the LEDS are sensitive to the electronic and the environmental conditions ,

design LED illumination systems and devices , need technological knowledge

and not doing it  right , will cause the customer a lot of disappointments

and you can prevent it  if you’ll come to AROTEC  ,

It is worth while ,even if the price will be higher.

advantages of the LED  illumination

low power consumption , ( about 30% of fluorescent device )

low voltage , enable to  use  with battery , much more safer  in wet zones and with children ,

long operating life ( when designed right )  about 100,000 hours , cheap maintenance

cheap   price

many  colors

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